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O Caldo de Marina

"Seguimos moi de preto a preparación do prato máis recoñecido de Marina Gudín: o caldo."

Realizado no marco do VIII Chanfaina Lab. Dispoñible tamén en YouTube.

Pregón San Pipote 2016

Con motivo da festa do San Pipote do ano 2016, decidimos botar unha ollada ao pasado e lembrar como comezou esta troula. Para iso, contamos coa axuda dos mozos e mozas que foron pioneiros en Bardaos: Vicente, Miguel, Nieves, Olegario e Amparo, Antón, e J Manuel; moitas grazas pola vosa colaboración!!

Viva Bardaos!! Viva San Pipote!!


Here there is a compilation of some of my projects. Either because I think they might be useful or by their relevance.

  • Parallel-FST: feature selection C++ library and CLI application, optimized to leverage multinode-multicore systems (MPI/multithreading) and or GPUs (CUDA). This is the project I'm working on for my PhD thesis. Source hosted at GitLab.

  • Briegal: Briegal is a search and rescue NGO from Galicia. I helped them set up their digital infraestructure and collaborate with them to manage it now. Briegal homepage.

  • PDF Portfolio: small and portable (Java 8) desktop app to create PDF portfolios (a PDF portfolio is like a folder of PDF documents contained in a single PDF file). This app was developed because there wasn't any available portfolio creators at the time other than the paid version of Acrobat. The interface is very basic, but it just works. Get it from the PDF Portfolio download page. UI uses Swing and the PDF handling is done with an iText library.

  • SharedFin: Android app to manage shared (groupal) spendings and payments, with realtime updates and notifications. The frontend was developed with React Native (UI) and a little bit of Java (notifications, and a WebSocket for realtime communications without needing to rely on Google Services), and the backend with Django. Get it from the Sharedfin download page. NOTE: the app is not released to the public, and a lot of effort wasn't put on security. Use under your own risk and responsibility.